What Are The Things We Need To Ask Our Contractors? 

There are a lot of factors when having our roofs repaired, maintained, replaced, and a lot more. It is important that we ask the right questions so that we can also be guided by what our contractors are doing.

    1. Ask if they will remove your old roof?

It is important that the contractor will inspect your roof first it is important that they check and asses everything properly if it would need replacement or repairs.

    1. What will you use for the edge of the roof?

There is a different type of edges that you can have them installed in your roof and each would have its different functionality the metal edge and an install drip in case that there is heavy water flow that would help a lot.

    1. What nails are you going to use for the shingles?

There are also different types of nails that you can use in a shingle and it is important that they use the right one in that way your shingles are installed properly for it to hold for a longer period of time. It is also important that they put the recommended number of nails per shingle so that it won’t damage easily.

    1. Ask your roofer about flashings

It is important that Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors would inform you in advance if ever they will be replacing your flashing or reuse it. It is important that your contractor can see if flashing needs replacement since it can cause bigger problems and bigger cost for repairs in the future.

    1. Ask them what valleys they will be using

This is the most important thing to ask contractors to test if they know the right way to do it. Roofers shouldn’t install shingles without any valley beneath it there are a lot of valleys that you can choose from but the most durable one is the metal valleys not only that it is durable it can last you for years.

    1. How far will they hang your shingles?

It is important to have the right measurements when hanging a shingle in that way you can prevent it from damages and leaks. Hanging it correctly means I can hold of properly to each other and avoid strong winds from blowing them off.

    1. Is there a need to cut their shingles?

It is important that when a shingles need to be cut the contractor will use the correct tool and technique to cut it to make all shingles aligned properly and to avoid any measurement problems in the future and for your roof not to look bad.

  1. Ask your contractor how they will protect your eaves through?

It is important that you find a contractor that is experienced enough to handle your roof since there are also delicate parts that need to be handled properly inexperienced contractors can easily damage your eaves through that is why they need to be equipped to avoid it from happening.

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